katie headshot.jpg

Katie Manselle

What inspires you:  movement, lines, details, master's of their craft

Training:  Razor-cutting, balayage, styling, color for natural and un-natural look

What are you known for:  Big Sexy Hair, razor cutting, balayage and playing!  

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island:  Oribe balm d'Or  (a repairitive complex that is light and restores health to hair!)




Ali Carter

What inspires you:  The past. I love taking staples from the past and putting a modern skin on it.  Incorporating everything from what I feel from music, nature, fine art, cinema and the beautiful people I see on the streets, then creating a new look.

Training:  Master colorist and certified in Aveda, Redken, Rusk, Oribe, Beth Minardi, R & CO, Wella.  Razor cutting, cutting curly hair.

What are you known for:  Making natural red-heads with color, pastel and vivid hair color, and finding the right bang/fringe for each face shape and lifestyle.

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island:  Dry Texture Spray for clients.  Mannequin Paste for my own hair.



Danielle Duarte

What inspires you:  My clients, without their input I'd be nowhere.  My co-workers, they are all so talented and I learn so much just from watching them.

Training:  Oribe, R & CO, Rusk and Tigi cutting, balayage.

What are you known for: Balayage/hair-painting, curly hair, brunnettes, low-maintenance color.

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island: Jackpot by R & CO.  It does everything from a glamourous blow-out to natural beach waves.  (and of course Oribe Dry Texture spray!)




Angela Goldman

What inspires you:  History of style.  Think "the bob haircut" rebellion, evolution, transformation.  Nature and the sky, the sky, the sky!

Training:  Ingredients.  Results.  Textures.  The Journey.

What are you known for:  Customer focused and the entire customer experience.  Enjoying meeting and knowing my clients and consider it a privaledge to share their time and life together.

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island:  Oribe Foundation Mist. The vitamin water for hair", it's for all hair-types, textures, and people.  It combats the static and creates a healthy foundation for all other products.  And it smells amazing.