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Katie Manselle

What inspires you:  movement, lines, small details, master's of their craft, imperfection

Training:  Razor-cutting, editorial and formal styling, balayage and creating natural looking hair color.

What are you known for:  Always on the hunt for finding the key looks to draw out the unique beauty of each of my guests.  

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island:  Oribe balm d'Or  (a repairitive complex that is light and restores health to hair!)




Ali Carter

What inspires you:  The past. I love taking staples from the past and putting a modern skin on it.  Incorporating everything from what I feel from music, nature, fine art, cinema and the beautiful people I see on the streets, then creating a new look.

Training:  Master colorist and certified in Aveda, Redken, Rusk, Oribe, Beth Minardi, R & CO, Wella.  Razor cutting, cutting curly hair. Oribe Journey to Mastery - bob and signature cuts training.

What are you known for:  Making natural red-heads with color, pastel and vivid hair color, and finding the right bang/fringe for each face shape and lifestyle.

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island:  Dry Texture Spray for clients.  Mannequin Paste for my own hair.



Danielle Duarte

What inspires you:  My clients, without their input I'd be nowhere.  My co-workers, they are all so talented and I learn so much just from watching them.

Training:  Oribe, R & CO, Rusk and Tigi cutting, balayage. Trained at Whittemore House Salon in NY for balayage color technique.

What are you known for: Balayage/hair-painting, curly hair, brunnettes, low-maintenance color.

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island: Jackpot by R & CO.  It does everything from a glamourous blow-out to natural beach waves.  (and of course Oribe Dry Texture spray!)




Angela Goldman

What inspires you:  History of style.  Think "the bob haircut" rebellion, evolution, transformation.  Nature and the the sky!

Training:  Ingredients.  Results.  Textures.  The Journey. Oribe Essentials Training in NY. Oribe Journey to Mastery - bob and signature cuts training.

What are you known for:  Customer focused and the entire customer experience.  Enjoying meeting and knowing my clients and consider it a priviledge to share their time and life together.

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island:  Oribe Foundation Mist. The vitamin water for hair", it's for all hair-types, textures, and people.  It combats the static and creates a healthy foundation for all other products.  And it smells amazing.



Chanell Mitchell


What inspires you:  Interiors. Not just your home but in your layers and your color. It’s what’s inside that counts. As a stylist I strive to bring someone's heart, tradition, and personality out in their hair. So I look at the lines, the fabric, and the shapes from inside-out.

Training: Graduate of Graham Webb Int'l. Taught advanced cutting and styling with Conair Corporations. Curl Texture certification with Andrean Noir of R & CO.

What are you known for: What I’m known for can only truly be told by my clients and the work that
they wear. I’m known for honest, hard-hitting, wearable and flattering art. I’m good at reading between the lines and easing stressed anxious clients that may be healing from years of bad hair or bad experience.

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island: Well Oribe doesn’t make a water purification system... so I’d say Oribe Cleansing Crème. It’s a do-it-all even
for your shaving, and has enough moisture to control my hair even after it’s rinsed out. R & CO Twister is
another miracle in a bottle… if only it lathered





Megan Matheny


What inspires you: People!  I am blessed with amazing guests in my chair everyday.  Nature and art also inspire me to be the most creative I can for my guest.

Training:  Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, Keratin, Deva Curl, Redken, and Pureology. Wella Advanced color and cutting techniques. Oribe Cut/Color/Style class in NY. Oribe Bangs and Blowouts.

What are you known for: Natural looking color and blondes.  I love blondes and curly cuts!

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island:  R & CO Badlands Dry Shampoo!  It has been a style life saver for a low maintenance girl like me!





Wisdom Campbell

What inspires you?  The future. The small details of trees and birds. And the chance to help someone love their appearance.

Training:  Oribe, R+Co, Wella Color Education, Pulp Riot, and Balayage.

What are you best know for? Creating custom color palettes and cuts for each of my guests. 

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island: R+Co Waterfall. It's perfect for adding any moisture that you'd lose with saltwater washing without becoming too heavy!



Amanda Lengsouthiphong

What inspires you?  Clients. No two clients are the same and I’m constantly learning from my clients. Also traveling and being exposed to new architecture, people, art.

Training:  Trained in Redken, Schwartzkopf, and Aveda color. Bumble and Bumble. Trained at Salon Buzz in Chicago for color techniques

What are you best know for? Natural bright blondes. Sun kissed and dimensional brunettes. Building trust and relationships with clients. 

Must-have Product if stranded on a desert island: A dry shampoo and texture spray. I’m really loving Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray.